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Ukey1 brings new way to login into websites. Enhance yours too.

Designed with respect to GDPR

GDPR, a new data protection regulation, brings a range of administrative and technical measures. Ukey1 - secure login service - changes the way users register and login to websites, and also the way websites (and their owners and authors) use personal data!

The service is intended for companies, webmasters and web developers that don't want to spend time and money by developing and making maintenance of their custom authentication solution, and rather would like to use an up-to-date solution that helps protect their websites and that offers features to simplify solving GDPR obligations.

Download our e-book about GDPR. Currently in Czech only, sorry.

Universal Login System

Our authentication gateway (AaaS - Authentication as a Service) was designed to enhance better user experience and to improve security of your websites or web applications.

It's the first key part of our universal platform that we build with the mission to ensure better data protection for internet users as well as with the goal to offer a complex GDPR solution for businesses worldwide.

Join Ukey1 today. It's simple and for free.

  • Do your business according to GDPR
  • Offer secure login to your users
  • Enhance user experience
  • Be transparent

The key is trust and synergy

Ukey1 acts as an intermediary between you and your user, and provides authentication, authorization and data protection. There are only two steps to start...

  • Register your app in our Ukey1 Developer Center
  • Integrate Ukey1 into your website - to make it easier for your developer, we've prepared few open-source SDKs on Github
  • It's done - users log in to your website via our secure gateway

We'll arrange for you that

  • you will always get the best security measures as possible We use improved OAuth2 and JWT, asymmetric cryptography, personal data encryption and other security measures.
  • you don't have to store and secure passwords and you will always get valid data Forget about passwords in your database or input validation - we will always give you valid data you need.
  • you will have no stress with GDPR compliance We prepare a Data Warehouse service and much more useful features that will help you. In other cases we can give you an advice.

The user will get

  • a possibility to secure their account We plan a lot of security features like two-factor authentication, security questions and more.
  • assurance that their personal data are in safe Data Protection is our alpha-omega - we build our business on this principle. And you?
  • full control over their personal data Users have their personal data under control with us. And this is just the beginning.

Our vision for Ukey1

We build the platform that simplifies work for programmers, ensure maximal possible security of personal data and give users back the control over their personal data.
Support us on our mission - integrate Ukey1 also into your websites or contact us.
For safer internet.

Need help?

  • Answers for your questions
  • Specific solution for your needs
  • Help with integration
  • Advices about GDPR

Leave us the message at [email protected] and tell us your needs. We'll reply soon.